Thermphos: a prestigious, challenging project

July 1 2020

Thermphos is a prestigious project that evokes all kinds of emotions not only among colleagues but also among the other parties involved. It all started 1.5 - 2 years ago when Peter Jordaan was given the initial assignment of managing the utility plant. No one in the world had any experience in breaking down a phosphorous factory but Mourik accepted the project in June of 2014 to clean/decontaminate the phosphorous factory and still keep the utility plant running at the same time. This was not always easy for either the client or the contractors due to, among others, the TKO agreement, the divergent complex substances and the various government authorities. Peter Jordaan and the other colleagues were able see it through. Now six years later, it looks as though the last piece of clean land on the Thermphos grounds will be delivered around X-mass time this year. 

The Thermphos terrain is about an hour and a half drive from Botlek. The factory is situated at the end of a long, long road that never seems to come to an end. Once you arrive at the location, you immediately need to put on your PPEs. It’s extremely windy on the terrain which has largely been sanitized and even some sown grass has started to sprout. At the time of the visit, the second tall building of the phosphorous factory was still standing. The phosphorous and asbestos was removed from this impressive structure; and one day later it was demolished with explosives.

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Photo: Peter Jordaan in front of a part of the utility plant

Peter Jordaan in front of the utility plant

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