Interview with Vopak about water purification plant

January 31 2013

In the Netherlands water legislation has been considerably tightened since the 1970s. It is therefore logical that any facilities dating from that time will eventually need an upgrade. This was the case with the waste water purification plant on the western section of the Vopak Terminal Europoort site.

 Several Mourik companies have together built a new installation with two parallel streams, together capable of processing 90 cubic metres of waste water per hour, so that the purified water meets the current requirements and can be discharged.


Upgrading the water management, a water purification plant and a wash and discharge bay for vacuum trucks, was necessary to meet today’s statutory requirements. This is a typical project for Mourik because of the number of disciplines involved. And Mourik has all of those in house!

In an interview in See Mourik 45, the corporate magazine of Mourik, Gert-Jan Crucq and Pieter Steutel of Vopak tell something about this multidisciplinary project, as well as Jeroen Vlasblom, Marcel Pijl, Arjan te Brake, Faber Buurman and Michel van Heist of Mourik.

You can read the complete article on pages 7-9 of See Mourik 45, which can be downloaded here.