PRESS RELEASE: Technical service provider presents 2019 annual results

April 17 2020

Mourik strengthens its solid position with €11.5 million net profit 

Technical service provider Joh. Mourik & Co. Holding strengthened its financial position significantly over the 2019 financial year. The net turnover of €8.4 million shows a solid picture compared to 2018 (€7.5 million negative after non-recurring write-offs). Net profit amounted to €11.5 million positive in 2019 compared to negative €10.8 million in 2018 (after non-recurring write-offs). All of the family business's subsidiaries and participations made a positive contribution to the result in 2019.

“We are very pleased with the results,” says Mourik CEO Kees Jan Mourik. “Turnover in 2019 increased by 3.5% to €476 million. That was €460 million in 2018. This is in line with the strategy we have outlined, in which turnover at Mourik increases to €500 million within a few years. I am proud of all our employees who have worked hard together to achieve this result.” The equity of this family business increased from €145.2 to €154.6 million, or 50% of the balance sheet total, a healthy solvency rate. Mourik continues, “It is important for clients to know that we are a strong partner for multi-year contracts. Although the coronavirus crisis is causing disruptions, we are in good shape to withstand a major storm.” 

Coronavirus crisis

Despite the coronavirus crisis, Mourik has sufficient orders in the pipeline. “We don’t have to rely on government support: we’re in good shape. Things are just moving a bit slower as a result of social distancing. Fortunately, we have a culture in which safety is paramount, so that is embedded firmly in our employees’ DNA. That also pays off now, given the relatively low number of staff calling in sick. It is also good for colleagues to know that you can trust each other and that you will stay at home if you have a cough or someone in the family is sick.”

The Mourik Industry division showed a significant increase in turnover of 11%. Mourik continues, “Our global expertise in the area of catalyst handling, cleaning and mechanical activities is paying off. We have now also opened an office in Colombia so that we are even better represented in South America.”

Mourik expects a lot from the infrastructure division (Infra) in the coming year. “There are a lot of planned orders for maintenance and refurbishment projects for bridges and locks. We are one of the few parties that have built up years of expertise and experience in this area. It would be great if the Dutch public works authority Rijkswaterstaat could move these projects forward, on the one hand because the work needs to be done anyway, and on the other hand to provide the construction sector with financial assistance to get through the crisis together.”

Despite the coronavirus crisis, Kees Jan Mourik is cautiously positive about the results for 2020. “We expect about 10% less turnover. Work is now proceeding more cautiously in accordance with the rules set by the Dutch health authority RIVM, and projects are being postponed. In Belgium, for example, the measures are stricter and a lot of work has come to a standstill. This means that there will soon be catch-up work to be done, which we can also benefit from. So we are just sticking to our objectives but taking into account a negative effect on the result this year.”

Mourik, global player and family business all rolled into one

Family business Mourik is a B2B service provider in the area of infrastructure, industrial services, non-residential construction and catalyst handling.

Today, almost 100 years after its founding, Mourik has a turnover of over 460 million euros and 2,200 people working all over the world. Mourik offers clients in the public and private sector a multidisciplinary package as a total solution.

Mourik stands for a healthy return, continuity, working safely, and a socially responsible business.
Innovative strength, an entrepreneurial spirit, and our hard-working, competent, committed employees make Mourik a future-oriented company.

Mourik means People!