Mourik corona approach

March 19 2020

Mourik is known for its ability to take on and successfully complete seemingly impossible industrial and infrastructure works and projects. We generally do this knowing that we have control over all the factors. The coronavirus introduces an entirely different dimension, however, making matters even more complex. Nonetheless, this will not deter us from adhering to our principles of ensuring safety, the health of our employees, and customer satisfaction.

Two weeks ago, following the protocol we have in place at Mourik, we scaled up our measures. A special Q&A page for our 2,200 employees has been launched and will be updated pretty well daily. Employees regularly receive emails and text messages containing urgent and relevant information. This week Kees Jan Mourik sent out words of encouragement to all Mourik employees in a personal email.

We will continue to make every effort to support our clients and see that the scheduled work is carried out. This demands creativity, inventiveness and perseverance - all qualities found in abundance at Mourik.

Mourik means people!