Annual Safety Plan 2017: safety is like top sports

March 29 2017

The Mourik Holding Annual Safety Plan 2017 was recently signed for approval by the boards of directors of the Mourik companies. The annual plan describes the global safety results in 2016 and the actions we will be taking in 2017 to implement our safety policy.

The number of accidents at the Mourik companies remained more or less the same in the past few years. On average, for every 600,000 hours worked, one lost-time accident occurred. Our corporate objective is zero lost-time accidents, so we are not there yet.

In 2017, the central Mourik safety theme is: Safety is like top sports. Like in top sports, safety at work consists of preparation, focus, relaxation and execution. These are recurring themes in our two-monthly safety campaigns.

Central points in 2017:

  • No lost-time accidents
  • Good internal communication about incidents and safety. With everyone!
  • 1.5 sisser report per employee in 2017
  • Mourik Safety Day on Wednesday 6 September
  • Developing a policy on alcohol and drugs
  • Implementing a recognisable Mourik safety concept (Safety@Mourik)
  • Increasing safety in the chain (subcontractors-suppliers-clients)
  • Increasing employee resilience with regard to safety
  • Reducing the number of reportable accidents by 10% in the categories of lost time, adapted work and medical treatment
  • Personal ownership for safety with all employees

For more information with regard to the safety plan, please contact Dick Amesz, Global SHE-Q Manager.