Mourik nv builds a hi-tech day nursery

July 8 2015

On the instruction of ‘KDV Ons Peuterhuisje’, Mourik nv started the construction
of a new day nursery in Burcht.

The building is built and fitted with the latest technologies and equipment, in accordance with the current legislation for day nurseries. Both local residents and the commissioning authority were extremely satisfied with the approach of the work, the site organisation, order and tidiness, safety and the friendliness of the builders themselves.

The day nursery provides for the care of 77 toddlers and preschoolers. The building meets the strictest insulation standards. Heat regulations, ventilation and mains services have been integrated with the utmost care, practically hidden from

Green substrate roofing has been selected as roof covering, fitted with 13 electrically operated dome lights in order to capture a maximum amount of natural daylight. The self-levelling screeds of the play areas contain integrated figures of animals, holes and grass patches, illustrated by Pieter De Decker, artist. He has livened up the floor of the living spaces with 45 square metres of crawly creepers and stories. The work of art that is fitted into the selflevelling screed by means of a unique procedure shows a miniature world that continues on in the various living areas for babies and toddlers. Sanitary facilities and technologies are beautifully integrated. The playing field consists of an artificial grass carpet. Parking is spacious and partly fitted with roofed bicycle storage. At the rear of the building, we installed a steel and acrylic shelter practically covering the entire length.

Mourik nv has constructed  and finished this building up to the smallest detail. After testing and approval by all concerned and the competent authorities, ‘Ons Peuterhuisje’ was delivered and taken into service on 1 April 2015.

Source: Mourik Open 125