TNO Perceived Safety survey

December 24 2014

Recently TNO carried out a survey about perceived safety among employees of four Dutch companies. The survey was part of international research in eight European countries among employees at companies with a zero-accident
target. The results of the survey conducted at the Dutch Mourik companies are
now available. Nearly 500 Mourik employees filled in the survey, which
is a good representation of the entire organisation.

Surprisingly, around 95% of the employees hold the following views:
• They are personally proactive in preventing accidents
• There is still room for improving safety
• There is an open culture with room for discussing safety
• The company and management promote working safely.

These are of course positive outcomes we are pleased about. There is nevertheless still room for improvement:
• 50% of the employees believe not all accidents could have been prevented in
• 20% of the employees consider minor incidents a normal part of their daily work
• 20% of the employees believe they receive too little feedback on their on-the-job
  safety performance
• 22% of the employees are more flexible in taking safety measures when work is

A large majority indicates that safety can always be better. That is something for which we all need to pull together. Not a single task validates its unsafe execution. That is why we are very pleased with the outcome that nearly 99% of the employees indicate they take a proactive approach in preventing accidents at work. This is putting the Mourik principle into practice: We do it safely or not at all!