Our mission

We aim to be the best International contract partner for catalyst handling and industrial services.

Our vision

  • Increasing the safety and individual safety behaviour at all levels
  • Every Business Unit Manager acts like an entrepreneur
  • Excellent performance, both internal and external
  • Reducing the number of customer complaints to zero
  • Management by “WALK THE TALK”

Best contract partner for Catalyst Handling

Mourik International is established in 1981 one as a result of Mourik Services, a company held in high repute with more than thirty years experience in industrial cleaning. We are a flexible, proactive and innovative organisation, providing reactor-related and industrial services worldwide.

Great innovative services

Our range of services is mainly in the field of working in inert and toxic environments with specific applications for catalyst handling and related activities during maintenance stops. As a specialist contractor in this niche market, we aim to provide qualitatively high and innovative services with respect for people, the environment and equipment.

Petrochemical, steel and fertiliser industry

We provide our services to the petrochemical, steel and fertiliser industry. Our main markets include Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia, Russia and Canada. Our presence is globally but we perform locally by using a worldwide network of subsidiary companies. These companies are based in Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Venezuela, Aruba, USA, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India.