Short deadline with an eye for innovation, quality and safety

October 6 2020

Approximately 200 colleagues worked day and night shifts during the maintenance shutdown at Shell Moerdijk. Mourik Industry’s multi-disciplinary team provided both cleaning and catalyst services for this shutdown. Three reactors formed the common thread on this assignment.

It soon became apparent that we would be able to complete the work activities at the highest quality level and on schedule. We implemented innovations for the automated cleaning of complex heat exchangers and the replacement of the catalysts in the reactors. We were hereby able to a provide high-quality service, working safely and within the scheduled time tables. Also new during this shutdown was the advanced camera surveillance system we used to monitor the work activities in enclosed areas. This enabled the project leaders to follow the progress being made and identify any possible technical problems along the way. This way, colleagues were able to support each other, give advice and jump in when something threatened to go wrong. During this great project we were able to unburden our client with safe, high-quality services. 

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Cleaning at Shell Moerdijk turnaround