‘No downtime during cleaning'

July 6 2020

'I prefer to work with one team that visits the location several times,' Jan Cees Troost, plant supervisor at Air Liquide, states as a start to his story. Jan Cees is very enthusiastic about the speed and inventiveness with which the Mourik Industry MCO-team has taken up this assignment.

The assignment revolves around cleaning the cooling tower without jeopardizing the supply and capacity of cooling the hydrogen and carbon monoxide (CO) plant at the Air Liquide plant in Bergen op Zoom. Previously, the cooling tower closed up over time with dirt that was drawn in from the outside air. The cooling tower segments were not cleaned but replaced every 6 to 8 years. This meant that the cooling capacity (efficiency) slowly deteriorated. During a turnaround, the necessary segments from the cooling tower were eventually replaced. Switching the segments is a time-consuming task and not a very efficient solution (due to downtime). There had to be a better solution. The decision was made to investigate whether maintenance was possible during production.

Mourik Industry MCO-team came up with a solution and got to work within several days.

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Photo: Jan Kik, Mourik Industry MCO-team and Jan Cees Troost, Air Liquide.

Jan Kik and Jan Cees Troost at the project location