As a certified electrical engineering installation company, Mourik E&I is affiliated with UNETO and is ISO9001, NCP and VCA** certified. This is an assurance of quality and safety for the client. Mourik E&I now has almost 50 years of broad-based electrical engineering experience. With its registered place of business in Rotterdam, the organisation is an excellent partner for the many companies that operate in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

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Mourik E&I is active in the following professional fields: electrical engineering, instrumentation, ICT, security, panel construction, specialising in the design and installation of lighting. We supply services and products with an excellent price/quality ratio to clients in industry and in the commercial construction and infrastructure sectors.

We are highly committed to quality, service orientation and innovation. Partly for this reason, we are now a respected installation company with a permanent customer base. Moreover, with our transparent, dynamic and knowledge-oriented organisation we can anticipate the specific needs of our customers. In addition to in-depth knowledge and extensive experience, service orientation – particularly 'thinking along' with the client – is deeply rooted in our corporate culture. This enables us to implement large and small projects in a structured way and in accordance with high quality standards.

The following are ten good reasons to choose Mourik E&I:

  • Service and quality are a top priority
  • A wealth of experience and expertise in the installation sector
  • Strong in technology
  • A "nine-to-five" mentality is not in our DNA
  • Excellent terms of delivery
  • Our enthusiasm, flexibility and desire to make every project a success
  • Our constant focus on safety and the environment
  • We are a certified installation company
  • VCA* certified
  • VEV teaching company

We also keep close track of the latest developments and technologies. We would be delighted to help you map out your personal wishes and potential, free of obligation. As a certified installation company, we’re always looking for the balance between our customers’ requirements and what is technically possible.