Mourik Annual Report 2017: The future is ours

July 10 2018

We take business decisions with an eye for the future. We see an increase in new forms of cooperation and total concepts and we further develop knowledge and expertise in this area. The wishes and demands of our customers are paramount in the strategic choices we make. Our ambition is further growth in the role of a proactive, versatile and flexible partner in business. The year 2017 was therefore dominated by the theme "The future is ours".

Highlights and strategy 2017

Turnover in 2017 remained virtually the same as in 2016 and amounted 442 million euros. On balance, the result before tax rose from 4.3 million euro loss in 2016 to 5.4 million profit.

Kees Jan Mourik, Chairman of the Board of Management: "When you look at Mourik, you see a nice combination of technical companies with a great diversity. This makes us ideally suited to use our knowledge and experience for integrated projects, so that the client has one point of contact. In order to use this power more efficiently and to better align it with market dynamics, we adapt our business models. The Infra division is positioned as one company. In 2018 we will also start the integration of several companies into one Industry division.

In addition, Mourik's strategy and policy will focus in the coming years on further growth in integrated works, realization of the renewed innovation strategy and further development of the comprehensive compliance program 2.0.

In 2017 we worked on a sustainable living environment with several sustainability programs. Our level of ambition is high, but we also approach sustainable initiatives pragmatically. An example is the renewal of N272, the first infrastructure project in the Netherlands where we use renewable materials of biological origin on a large scale. The coating of the asphalt is provided with bio-bitumen; these have never been applied on this scale within Europe. We have also invested in chain management in making projects sustainable, in reusable materials, sustainable transport and mobility. The health, vitality and safety of our employees remain our 'moving targets' and received full attention in 2017 as well.

As in previous years, we have drawn up this Annual Report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative for Sustainability Reporting (GRI-G4). Mourik reported on 15 key performance indicators, on which Deloitte accountants provided an assurance report.