Mourik Builds Consciously

March 31 2015

We have obtained certification in many areas, such as quality, safety, environment, CO2 and CSR. New certificates are added every year, because our clients develop and prescribe new standards. It is important that we keep a close watch on, and anticipate, these developments. Bewuste Bouwers is a fine example of such a development.

Bewuste Bouwers is a code of conduct that companies and construction sites can join. This initiative was set up five years ago by market parties, with the aim to improve the image of the construction industry. In the course of these five years, the initiative has developed into a new standard, which clients in the Infra industry increasingly include as a requirement in the EMVI (Best Value Procurement) criteria in contracts. 

A company or construction site that commit itself to the Bewuste Bouwers code of
conduct must meet the five pillars: safe, conscious, environmentally friendly, well-kept and socially responsible. This applies to everyone on the site, from excavation worker to project leader. This way, we show that we are a good
neighbour to the environment we work in.

At the moment, we have put forward two projects for the Bewuste Bouwers:

  • Major maintenance to N216a
  • Realisation of lower-level cycle area and manager’s lodge at Blaak Station
  • A9 Badhoevedorp

During the course of these projects, Bewuste Bouwers may come and check whether we actually meet the requirements. It is therefore important that we carry out our work in a safe, conscious, environmentally friendly, socially responsible and neat manner. Not just on the Bewuste Bouwers projects, but everywhere!

Source: Mourik Open 124