See Mourik 47 is out!

April 14 2014

Lately the phenomenon ‘added value’ is on the up and up. To Mourik, creating added value is nothing new. It is someting we have always done.

Where do I find it? Building bridges, figuratively speaking, but also literally using steel and concrete, creativity and human insight. Proactively crossing the borders of your own work, evaluating risks and going the extra mile. Giving cast-iron safety guarantees with the dismantlement of a nuclear reactor.   The care for flora and fauna as part of a project. This comes all under the heading of ‘added value’.

In See Mourik 47 you can read how Mourik makes this added value concrete in practice. For example with the renovation of the Hartel Bridge, Best Value Procurement, or building an installation that turns plastic waste into oil. If you would like to learn more about these subjects and others, please download See Mourik 47 below.

See Mourik 47