Our mission

We aim to be the best international contract partner for catalyst handling and industrial services.

Our vision

  • Increased safety and individual safety behaviour at all levels
  • Every Business Unit Manager acts like an entrepreneur
  • Reduce the number of customer complaints to zero
  • Management by “WALK THE TALK”

Catalyst handling, industrial cleaning, tank cleaning and Pull/Clean/Push for heat exchangers

EuroExchangers is fully integrated in Mourik UK

In 1997, following an increase of activities in heat exchanger maintenance, a joint venture called EuroExchangers Ltd. (Mourik and Peinemann each owning fifty per cent of the shares) was set up. This joint venture is specialised in Pull/Clean/Push for heat exchangers for both the petrochemical and the energy sector. In an operational sense, EuroExchangers Ltd is fully integrated in Mourik UK Ltd.

Specialist total packages

We mainly provide specialist project services as well as regular maintenance services. In view of the increased demand for total packages for both catalyst handling and heat exchanger maintenance, we provide combined and tailor-made services together with EuroExchangers. This may include the overall project with mechanical activities as well as transporting and processing used catalyst materials. Our strategy is aimed at providing qualitative and specialist services for thematic and maintenance work.

Maintenance contracts for the petrochemical and energy industry

Both Mourik UK and EuroExchangers can pride themselves on various annual contracts for cleaning and catalyst handling. Based on these contracts, work is carried out in alliances and in the form of performance contracts with the emphasis on safety, quality and planning. We take full responsibility for reaching the intended performances and are willing to share certain risks.