Our mission

We strive to be the leading specialized provider of maintenance services 
in the region by offering a broad range of services to the oil, gas, refining, petrochemical and other heavy Industries.

Our vision

To grow our business by participating in partnership with our customers and staff to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Technology and innovation

CR Asia is established in Singapore in 1991. We also have companies in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and India. We undertake projects throughout the region through our local agents.

We have built a good reputation for more than twenty years by offering our customers reliable and safe solutions in a tailored cost-efficient way, using the latest technologies and innovations. In addition we have strong technical and operational support from our sister companies Mourik International and Anabeeb.


We have strong offshore, shutdown, mechanical, industrial cleaning, and catalyst handling capabilities and a proven track record of successful project delivery. We continually invest in new equipment to keep us at the leading edge of the industry. We are a customer focused company delivering high quality and reliable services through our commitment to long term 'win win' relationships with customers and our strategic partners.

We attach great importance to the safety of our employees and those who are dealing in any way with our assessment. Corporate social responsibility is one of our priorities.