Plastic waste is a rapidly growing problem in our modern society. Although good
techniques and initiatives exist for the re-use and re-cycling of plastics, still a large amount of plastics end up in incineration plants or landfill sites. Such plastics are referred to as “end-of-life” plastic.

A second life

In these "end-of-life” waste streams still a large amount of plastics are found that can be processed into valuable oil. These waste plastics are e.g. shopping bags, packaging wastes, agricultural foils and laminates. By re-using these wastes as oil we can give these plastics a second life and valuable fossil resources are spared.


In order to process these waste streams to oil in a safe and reliable manner, the BlueAlp Technology™ plastic-to-oil process is developed. The sales and roll-out of the plastic-to-oil plants in Europe (using the BlueAlp™ Technology) is done by BlueAlp.



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