Saferty instructions and safety rules

Standard start-up safety instruction course

Every new Mourik employee or professional working for us through a third party is required to pass the online start-up safety instruction course before starting work. In the instruction video, S@M explains all that we stand for and everything we have to do while carrying out our work.

Watch the Mourik start-up safety instruction video.

Essential safety rules

By analysing accidents and near-accidents that occurred in the past, we have been able to map out the most important hazards and causes of serious accidents and incidents. Our experiences in the petrochemical sector and infrastructure projects have shown that, in order to minimise the risk of an incident or accident, particular attention and guidance is required. Therefore, as part of the S@M principles,  we have drawn up 10 essential safety rules, which we strictly observe.

These are the 10 essential safety rules at Mourik: 

  1. Above all else, stick to the specific rules and procedures of the client
  2. Never stand under or within falling range of a suspended load
  3. Never enter enclosed spaces (tanks, sewers, cellars) without the required gas measurements and procedures
  4. Use fall protection at heights (> 2 metres) or near wells
  5. Make sure that you are visible to operators of cranes and heavy equipment
  6. Use only approved and CE-certified tools, hoisting equipment or other equipment
  7. Use of alcohol or drugs during (or before) work is prohibited.
  8. Only perform maintenance on safeguarded machinery and equipment
  9. Never bypass machine or system safeguards
  10. The use of the required personal protective equipment is compulsory

These essential safety rules are embedded in our behavioural training programmes and our accountability matrix.


Gert Griffioen
Gert Griffioen
Head of Corporate Safety

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