S@M meetings

Mourik holds monthly meetings at all works and projects, at which safety, quality and the environment are topics of discussion. By talking to each other about safety, points for improvement and other matters that will help us do our jobs better and therefore safer, we can make use of each other's knowledge and skills. Furthermore, safety will become an integral part of the work process.

The theme for the S@M meetings changes every two months. During this period, we pay extra attention to the safety theme or environmental theme in question. This is done by, among other things, posters and Alert newsletters.

View the current S@M poster and S@M-alert.

Annual S@M Safety Day

Annually, on the first Wednesday of September, a Mourik-wide S@M Safety Day is held. During this day, all Mourik employees, including the Board of Management, boards of directors and managers, have discussions about safety, health, things that go well or may be improved. The outcome of these discussions and the lessons learned are collected and fed back to the organisation. By talking to each other and by continuing to listen and cooperate, we will achieve the best results. 

S@M Awards

Working safely will lead to good results. The level of safety is determined by measuring the amount of time, e.g. a year, that work has been carried out without any (serious) accidents, injuries or lost time incidents. Operating companies, departments or disciplines that achieve such targets are awarded and put in the limelight. Celebrating successes together is an important part of the Mourik policy. 

S@M Stakeholders

The Board of Management and the boards of directors agree that safety is a precondition for good entrepreneurship and good employment practices. When we formulated our safety policy, we had several stakeholders in mind: 

  • Employees and their families
  • Shareholders
  • Customers and clients
  • Subcontractors and other contractors
  • Residents and people in our work environment
  • Visitors and passers-by of our projects
  • Authorities



Gert Griffioen
Gert Griffioen
Head of Corporate Safety

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