Safety @ Mourik

Working without causing damage to people, resources or the environment: this is our goal. In order to achieve this, Mourik has set an overall target of zero accidents. Because we are convinced that all accidents can be prevented.

Mourik safety policy is an integral part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. Safety is in our DNA and it is the starting point for everything we do.

Safety is embedded in the organisation

Safety at work is embedded in the line organisation at Mourik. By providing information, instruction and the necessary means, by choosing safe working methods and by supervising the work, we lay a safe foundation for the execution of every task. The safety culture is just as important in our safety policy. By encouraging, supervising and motivating each other to work safely, we will be able to achieve our target of zero accidents. We are helped in this effort by S@M.

S@M stands for our safety

S@M, short for Safety @ Mourik, is the personification of our safety policy and it stands for everything we think is important in order to carry out our work in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner. At Mourik, we apply the following principles:

  1. We do it safely or not at all
  2. No injuries, illness or damage as a result of the work
  3. We control all (safety) risks in our work
  4. Everyone gets to work and back home safely every day

S@M helps us to create a sustainable safety culture, which pays attention to personal leadership and ownership for all employees and an inherent attitude towards safety of everyone. We use a number of specific techniques to organise and promote safety.

 Key points of Mourik safety policy:

Safety is something you do together!

S@M is not just an icon. Safety @ Mourik is something we are all responsible for, individually and collectively. We are aware of safety for people and the environment, not because we have to, but because we want to.

For more information about S@M and safety at Mourik, please contact Gert Griffioen, Head of Corporate Safety


Gert Griffioen
Gert Griffioen
Head of Corporate Safety

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