Erwin Hofland

Erwin Hofland, Project Manager and participant in the Mourik Development Program

“We can achieve so much when we combine our strengths”

“Start with a dream of how the world can be a better place. Bring together the right people with a healthy dose of perseverance, a lot of know-how and a passion for technology and – presto! – you have the ingredients for state-of-the-art innovation.”

Logical choice

Erwin was the classic “techie kid”, with an affinity for the inside of scooters and the mindset for surfing YouTube for videos about the workings of machines and devices. The question that many young people struggle with today – what do I want to do with my life? – was a non-issue for Erwin: mechanical engineering was the only logical choice. His working life began with transferring an engineering drawing from 1980 in AutoCAD at a machine manufacturer. And his latest project involves developing the Hydra™ Robotic Exchanger Cleaning together with Mourik colleagues from all levels of our company. Hydra makes a 3D scan of the heater exchanger tube sheet and then cleans inside the tubes completely autonomously. “This is precision work”, says Erwin. “Sometimes you need to clean tubes with a diameter of 14mm with 12mm lances; this requires very precise technology.

Open doors

What’s the best thing about being a techie? “Harmonising the various technologies and getting them to work together. That’s when you get the most satisfying results.” Four years ago, Erwin started working on small-scale engineering projects in the New Product Development (NPD) department. These days, he oversees complex projects in close contact with the customer. His job is a dynamic one offering lots of variety, and he always remains very closely involved, from the first design right up to delivery. “I want to do what I can to ensure that Mourik is at the cutting edge when it comes to technology.”

And, when it comes down to it, these mega-projects are not something you can do on your own. “Mourik’s versatility and the collective knowledge in the company, which we continue to develop, are some of the key conditions for conceiving largescale innovations and making these a reality.” And other essential conditions? It may sound obvious, but the culture in the company can be a determining factor in whether innovations will succeed. “Mourik has an open-door culture”, says Erwin. The NPD department, too, has a friendly, open atmosphere that promotes freedom, trust and room for creativity, allowing innovative ideas to flourish. “Everyone provides valuable input. This could well be the reason that I get along really well with everyone”, Erwin says with a smile.

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