Sustainable living environment

A sustainable living environment

We think it is very important that our children and future generations will be able to make optimum use of our planet's resources. That is why we work on a sustainable living environment. We install sustainable infrastructure, we save on energy costs in the industry and realise sustainable energy solutions.

Dyke improvement

Sea levels are rising due to climate change and we need to improve coastal defence. Ever since the flood disaster of 1953, Mourik has helped in the fight against the water. Now we are making the Netherlands safer by reinforcing and improving dykes in a sustainable and innovative manner. For the first time in the Netherlands, we are using the Cutter Soil Mixing technology on a large scale for dyke reinforcement in the ‘Versterking IJsseldijk Gouda’ project. This means we do not need to excavate, saving a lot on materials and CO2. In January of 2017, we won the InfraTech Innovation Award for the smart and sustainable reinforcement of the Kinderdijk-Schoonhovenseveer dyke area.


We carry out our infrastructure works in an efficient and smart manner, causing as little inconvenience as possible to those living in the surrounding area. Furthermore, we install sustainable infrastructure, with long life and low maintenance. We do this, among other things, by using innovative asphalt technologies. For instance, we use asphalt mixtures that are biobased, fully circular, have longer life and result in a lower total cost of ownership for our clients. We are also innovating in the field of energy neutrality, with the aim to generate the energy needed for systems in a fully sustainable and coordinated manner.


The industrial sector uses the most energy. With our innovations, we can lower the energy bills of our clients: by providing good maintenance of industrial air coolers and condensers we reduce energy consumption by 15 to 20 percent. In addition, we are also working on sustainability in the industry. In ultrasonic cleaning, for instance, where we use sound waves to clean parts and equipment. Ultrasonic cleaning improves operational efficiency, lowers total cost of ownership and uses far less water than traditional cleaning methods.

Plastic to Oil

280 million tonnes: that is the amount of plastic waste generated globally each year. Each year, this includes some 1,000,000,000,000 plastic bags which were often only used once. Recycling plastic is not always possible, but we now have a technology to recycle plastic into usable products. The BlueAlp™ Technology has been developed to convert end-of-life plastic waste, that cannot be recycled technically or economically, into valuable oil in an efficient and economical manner. This oil can be used as fuel or as raw material for chemical processes. This way, we are putting real effort into circularity.

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