Our people

Our people make the difference

 They are our main asset: our people, i.e. the Mourik employees. Because of their quality workmanship we have been able to realise beautiful projects with satisfied clients as a result. We want every employee to be content with their work at Mourik. Also, we want to ensure a safe workplace. That is why our basic rule is: We do it safely or not at all!

We see it as our duty to take good care of our people. A pleasant and motivating working climate, room for talent, sustainable employability and a safe and healthy working environment: these are the spearheads of our HR policy. Our employees are committed and often have worked with Mourik for many years. It's not unusual for Mourik employees to celebrate 25 or even 40 years of service!

We deeply care about having a positive impact on society. We do this, among other things, by aiming for a social return: we employ people with poor job prospects. In addition, we give ‘blind spot’ lessons in primary schools in the regions where we work, to make children aware of the blind spot hazards around heavy equipment.

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