Health and safety

People are the most important part of the production process at the Mourik companies. Healthy, happy people are at the heart of good business operations. That is why so much attention is paid at Mourik to job safety, working conditions, health, industrial hygiene, well-being, communication and personal development.

In a transparent and non-discriminatory work culture, we work to optimise the working conditions under which our employees can do their jobs in a sustainable way. This means that while working hard, there is still always room for a healthy dose of humour.

Our open, honest and transparent communication structure stimulates our employees to develop themselves and to dedicate themselves to their work according to their abilities. Putting the right employee in the right place has always been our aim in our personnel policy.

All employees undergo regular medical check-ups to prevent the working conditions from negatively affecting their health and to determine, from a medical perspective, whether employees (where applicable) are fit for the work they are doing. Low levels of absence through illness show that we are achieving good results with this policy. 

One of our main objectives is that employees should not experience any adverse health effects from their work. By combining work-risk inventories and evaluations with the regulations in the applicable Health & Safety catalogues in a balanced personnel policy, Mourik is putting the optimisation of working conditions into practice.