Environmental policy

Besides the certification procedures for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the reduction of our CO2 emissions, our focus on the environment is also laid down in our environmental management system. As a family business, we attach great importance to looking after the environment for the sake of our children and the people around us.

Our environmental management systems comply with the certification requirements for the ISO 14001 standard. Our sense of corporate social responsibility is directed towards the environment, our surroundings and our customers and is an important part of the environmental policy that we pursue.

Mourik wants to take advantage of the developments whereby it actually takes on the responsibilities that are consistent with its position in the production chain and, where possible, avoids putting a negative burden on the environment. By doing business in a sustainable way, and by doing its utmost not to harm the environment, Mourik is helping to realise a clean and healthy future.

Environmental technology

Mourik possesses a large number of technologies and specific knowledge that it uses to prevent or clean up contamination of the environment. Mourik’s core activities include the decontamination of groundwater and wastewater flows, the capture of pollutant gases and the purification of water and soil.

In locations where contamination has been detected, Mourik can make an active technical contribution to reducing the emissions of substances or cleaning up hazardous and pollutant substances.