CO2 performance ladder

Reducing carbon emissions is a top priority both in society and in our company. We implemented the CO2 Performance Ladder system into our organisation. The CO2 performance ladder was developed by ProRail and is currently managed by the Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business (SKAO). The ladder has five levels and four scopes. It can be certified by an independent institute.

Mourik Infra achieved the highest level on the CO2 Performance Ladder, i.e. level 5. In the infrastructure sector, we want to make a difference by reducing carbon emissions in the execution of our projects and by generating sustainable solutions.

We commit to the European target of a 20-percent reduction of carbon emissions in 2020. We do this by reducing our fuel and energy consumption. Our long-term goal is to be energy-neutral in 2030.

In addition to energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions, we also work on a better environment. Right from the design phase, we are thinking about material use, the use phase and maintenance phase and the possible energy consumption. As a result, we can offer sustainable solutions. We also provide various technologies and services that increase sustainability, such as cathodic protection.

Do you want to know more about our approach to CO2 reduction? Please contact us; we will be happy to inform you.