About infrastructure

Integral approach of infrastructure projects

Mourik is an experienced player in infrastructural works. We apply a full-on approach to the infrastructure market. By bundling the operating companies that work in the field of infrastructure, we have created a powerful, single party that can take care of multidisciplinary projects for the client from start to finish. The operating companies of our infrastructure branch are Mourik Groot-Ammers, Mourik Limburg, Mourik Limburg Civiel, Vogel, Vogel Kathodische bescherming, Traffic & More, Mourik Techniek, Hendrik Bedrijven Brunssum, Mourik EGP en MVOI. 

Infrastructural works demand a multidisciplinary approach more and more often. Mourik takes care of the entire project, from project management to delivery and maintenance. We can offer nearly all of the disciplines and materials required for this. It creates short lines and efficiency, so you are assured of a fast, reliable partner who can create a care-free environment for you, throughout the project. 

Personal contact and long-term relationships is what we prefer. We use the same team, from tender to project delivery. This means you are guarantees a single, central and expert point of contact. 

Caring for the environment and the company

Environmental technology is an extremely important part of many projects. How much time is lost when the soil on your building plot is contaminated, and what will it cost? What are the operational risks of contaminated groundwater on your factory site? There are plenty of examples. Our services essentially cover every aspect you can encounter in the field of industrial waste flows and contamination. Varying from environmental management plans to the resolution of calamities, in situ, the on-site and off-site decontamination of soil, as well as purification of the soil, water and air. In that sense, by looking after the environment we’re also looking after your business operations.

Strong in development and collaboration

Residential building projects and business parks are often based on a partnership between municipalities, project developers and contractors. Mourik is happy to participate in such joint ventures. Our roots are in the world of contracting and we know exactly what building involves. That’s why we have gathered together such a wide range of expertise. 

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